Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Made My Day

Whoever worked the front desk at the Peak on Sunday made my day, possibly my week.  The Peak is the gym that I go to when I'm feeling frisky, however on Sunday I just went there to change into my running clothes before my horrible 20 miler.  I put my bar code in front of the reader, the computer beeped, and I went on my way.  That is when I heard the front desk girl say "um, can you come back here please!".  I thought I was in trouble or my $20 bills that I used to pay my membership dues bounced.  I mean, nobody ever gets good news when they are called back to front desk right?  Right?

Not this time, my friends.  Not this time.  

"Can I take another picture of you?", she asked.  You see, every time you check into the place, their nifty camera takes a picture of you to compare to the picture on file.  I don't remember the last time my file picture was taken, but it was probably at least 3-4 years ago.  She turns the computer screen around to show me my profile picture and I said "yeah, that picture was taken awhile ago, and I'm bald now, so it may not look too much like me".  She says, "well, maybe, but you've lost a lot of weight and you are looking good today".  

Made my day.  

I never really had a problem with my body image.  I mean, I thought I looked pretty decent.  I have a pretty muscular frame, although I have always wished I was a little bit taller, but what you gonna do.  The  main reason why I started running again was my ex-girlfriend, in one of her many fits of rage, boldly claimed that I was "fat".  Well, after the term ex was applied to the term girlfriend, I decided I needed to show her what was what*.  That's pretty much when I started running again.  

So having a complete stranger tell me I've lost weight and look good made me feel pretty good about my workouts and training.  I know there are things I need to work on *cough* diet *cough*, but I'm feeling pretty good.  I've lost 7 lbs. in me and Amy's contest.  Not great, but after winning the last contest, I wasn't too confident about this one.  I would like to lose 1-1.5 lbs./week until the marathon.  7 more lbs.  Just gonna keep running and lifting.

All of you look beautiful how you are.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  Screw 'em.

*She hasn't seen me since and hopefully never will, but if that day ever comes, I'll be all slim.


Amy said...

I hope you got that chick's number.

Also... I hate you and how seemingly easy you lose weight. The more I run, the less weight I lose. Ugh.

April said...

Alright dude, you may now comment on my blog posts. Keep that resolution of yours!

Alex the Photo Guy said...

Funny thing- I was at a party Saturday night and met bizzaro Craig. He looked just like you- face, height, build- but he was a punk. Long hair, lip pierced, ears pierced. It was weird.... he did enjoy a good game of flip cup though.

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