Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge

So Amy and I have been in a weight loss challenge for the past couple of months, with the loser buying the post-marathon burgers.  Well, since we are about to start our carb loading, yesterday was the final weigh in. 

Here are my results...

Initial weigh in:  185.6 lbs
Final weigh in:  172.4 lbs 
Difference:  13.2 lbs

Glancing over at Amy's  blog, it looks as if I have come out the victor today...

Since I bought my body fat scale (8-10-08) vs. (4-13-09)

Weight:                204  -  172.4 lbs.
Body Fat %:         25.0  -  17.1 %
Body Water %:   53.1  -  58.2 %
BMR                   3698 -  3454  kCal
Metabolic age:     46  -  23  years

I'm pretty happy with that progress.  In fact, I am now below my weight on my driver's license, which I renewed back in 2002 when I turned 21.  In the future I hope to incorporate more lifting to help with the trails and to tone up a bit.  I'd like to get down to 165 lbs. or so (my high school football weight) if I want to ever try for Boston.  Now, however, is not the time to talk about that.  I'm getting my mind psyched for St. Louis on Sunday!!!!!!

Congrats to Amy on her continuing progress, but Sunday I'd like a double cheeseburger, loaded, side of fries, onion rings, and a big shake, flavor to be determined later.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pre-Marathon Depression?

So I've less than two weeks until the St. Louis Marathon.  I believe I've put in the proper training and am in adequate shape to finish at a reasonable time.  However I'm still feeling a little blue. Why is this?  I've heard of post-marathon depression, but pre-marathon depression?  Has anyone experienced this?  I have a couple of theories as to why I'M feeling this lowness.  First, I'm leaving Nashville in a few weeks.  I've lived here for almost 9 years, and I LOVE Nashvegas, but there are certain circumstances beyond my control that have given me little option but to move back to Montana and work on the ranch for awhile.  Second, I've been having some bad allergies.  I've had hay fever all of my life, even to the point where I had to get two allergy shots a week, but everything subsided a bit when I moved to Tennessee.  The only problem I have:  the month of April.  I don't know what little stinking tree or bush or flower is pollinating (or as I like to say, having some 'special time') right now, but I wish it would do it in a month when I'm gone.  I'm on all the drugs and got my inhaler, but I've had a couple runs where I had to walk because it felt like I was about to drown.  I probably have some sort of asthma, but I don't go to doctors.  What sucks is that I'm going to hit the bad allergy month here in Nashville, and then hit the bad allergy season, for me, in Montana.  Kick me while I'm down why don't you, Mother Nature.  

So I'm a little blue :(.  Today, to perk me up, I went and ran some trails, even though I'm in a 'taper'.  It was great (except for the mucus, of course); the sun was shining, the squirrels were canoodling, the chipmunks were doing their hilarious antics (or is that Alvin and the Chipmunks?), and the trails were pretty dry.  Great day for running.  

So that helped.  What else can I do?  I'm very much looking forward to my STL trip next Friday, but until then I'm blue...

But the MASTERS is this weekend, so I'm happy about that.  I'm rooting for my Vandy boy, Brandt Snedeker, and the Shark, Greg Norman.

I hope Sergio Garcia misses the cut.  Ug....

So any help with my depression???????